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Empathetic Marketing. And Leadership.

If people don't feel that you care about them, they will not buy your product or give to your cause.

Empathy is the opposite of ego. And ego destroys relationships.

Customer service makes the customer feel like an imposition. The fundraiser makes the donor feel like they're being used. The marketer makes the potential consumer feel used and "sold to". The consultant makes the client feel stupid.

People don't mean to make people feel this way. Logic tells us these methods don't work. Research tells us these methods don't work. Yet, these are the methods we use. Pressure. Push the product. Do this, or else.

The forgotten factor is empathy. Care for the client. Take time to understand the problem. Be the solution. Let the customer bask in the glory of solving their own concerns.

Practice empathy. Avoid ego.

This may be the single most important leadership skill, especially when leading from the back.