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The Underside of Buses

Throw them under the bus.
They were wrong anyway.
They're a bunch of idiots.
And they're annoying.
Why can't these people ...

So throw them under the bus.

The problem with buses is they are abundant. And messy. And gravity makes this an easy toss.

Try something a little cleaner.

Change the perspective so you can change the narrative.

Rather than looking for weakness, look for strength. Where is the place this person (who may be chipmunk-in-the-wall annoying right now) will thrive?

Rather than complaining and gossiping and muckraking, look for ways to help your vexing chipmunk move to a place of thriving.

This changes your perspective and, thus, the narrative. You are for people, rather than against them.

Or annoyed by them.

Which may be worse.

And you avoid the general mess made by the underside of buses.