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Don't Be A Meme: Use Both Sides of Your Brain

There are memes when it comes to creativity.


The right-brained creative person lives in a world of paint, rainbows, and unicorns. She lives on grilled avocado toast Cheez-Its. A cat sleeps on the stacks of unfinished poems and short stories on and under her desk. There is usually more than one cat involved. She hasn't bathed or changed clothes for several days because of her current state of inspiration. (Or block. Depending on the month. Or day. Or minute.)

On the other hand, the left-brained accountant-type keeps her lists and legal pads alphabetized and in triplicate for easy access and record keeping. The budget is in order and the pantry is stocked. There are no cats. In fact animals in the house are frowned upon. The only noise in her sound-proof home is low-level Mozart. Every drawer had a caddy. Every caddy has a drawer.

These, of course, are caricatures. While people often have a dominant side of the brain which affects their personality, thinking, and creativity - no one is a complete meme. Few are actually what is described above.

Organization needs creativity. Creativity needs organization. The lateralization of the brain is real. But it's not as simplistic as we might think. Whatever side you tend to favor, don't be a meme. Use both sides of your brain.