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The Climber (A Parable)

One day a Climber climbed a mountain. Almost.

She started with great enthusiasm and vigor. Starting at the bottom she wound her way up the base on a forested path. It was hard work, but she cleared the forest and enjoyed the clear view and the fresh air. The climb began to get steeper, as she started up the switchbacks of the rocky slope.

After walking a long time, the Climber looked up the face to the crest and the peak above. She then looked across the valley below and realized, with deep disappointment, she was only half-way there.

This was disheartening. The Climber thought she had come so far, yet was only half-way there.

She paused again and looked around her. The view was nice. She'd already worked hard. Getting to the summit would require even more work than she'd already exerted.

So the Climber made a decision that day. The Climber decided that half-way is better than most. Way better. Most never start. At least this Climber started. She put in more work that the majority, who never attempt to climb mountains, at all. She may not see the view from the top, but the view from half-way is decent.

She will stay here today. She will stay half-way and enjoy some light refreshment before heading back. She will be satisfied with this. The middle of the mountain is enough.



Of moderate or low quality, value, or ability. 

From the Latin mediocris. Medius - the middle. Ocris - rugged mountain