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Four Questions You Should Ask To Discover What Drives You


When I'm outside, my spirit is content. But my loved one's well being and contentment is also directly related to my own.

A new book also brings me an odd amount of internal pleasure.

Loss and era-change make my heart mourn.

I've been most angry when I've watched people treated harshly with a complete lack of empathy. I hate that so much.

I hope because I believe.

The things we value are the things that touch our deepest emotions. The things that stir us up, and we're not sure why. Give pause and reflect when you feel something with what seems like unreasonable strength. There is a core value under there, somewhere. It's worth writing down. Dwell on it. Ponder.

When you answer these four questions, you're very close to knowing the values that drive your vision. You'll understand why you'd rather take the Interstate or why you prefer your mornings alone.

Take some time this weekend to reflect on the following.

What brings you joy?

What makes you deeply sad?

What makes you compassionately angry?

What gives you hope?

This can be a surprising exercise, as we don't always know ourselves until we take the time to think. When you answer these four question, you're a bit closer to understanding the things that compel. The things you value.

Which also means you're a bit closer to understanding you.