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Sunday Sermonizing: When the Weeds Seem Like They're Winning


Jesus told a story. (Actually, Jesus told a lot of stories. Apparently the world is not big enough to hold all of the books of all that Jesus told. But, that’s not the purpose of this post. John 21:25)

In the story Jesus told of a field. The field was sown with good seed. But someone also planted weed seeds throughout the field one stealth one night. They sabotaged the farmers crop.

When the farmer was told about what had happened, he gave a surprising response. He said to allow the wheat and the weeds to grow together. All of it will get sorted out properly in the end, and we'd avoid the risk of pulling up the wrong thing now.

The story is indeed a curiosity to me. It's astounding God allows evil to live with the good. They live together. To this day.

There can be a war waging, with all its disastrous consequences. And yet in the midst of the pain, and the blood, and the woundedness there are heroes. People who bring healing in the middle of the destruction.

Whenever there's a natural disaster, there are always helpers. They are always there.

Inside my own heart there are desires for good and for justice. And those desires live right next to my selfish wants and me need for recognition and attainment.

Whether it be in my heart or the world around me, good and evil coexist. There will come a day when God will sort it all out. What is evil will be burned. What is good will remain. I frankly don’t understand it.

But, this I know to be true. The glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the water fills the sea.

As we live in the balance of good and evil, faith increases. Faith grows even more profoundly as we understand that ultimately God will make it all good. And everything sad will come untrue.