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50 Shades of Jade


There are many restaurant workers painted some shade of Jade.

Non-tippers, grumpy diners, and bad attitude's cause many people working in this industry to hate people. No empathy for the non-tipping jackass.

Many restaurant patrons are kind of bad people to serve. They are not bad people, mind you. There's no empathy for fellow humans trying to do their jobs.

All drivers (in my town) bad drivers (except me, of course).
All flight attendants are ornery.
Every person of this race is like so, and people of this gender do this.

Managers versus factory workers.
Engineers versus programmers.
Accountants versus creatives.
The blue coats versus the white coats.

We could use a lot more empathy and a lot less ego.

Empathy humanizes.
Empathy equalizes.
Empathy eliminates the "versus".

With empathy, there are far fewer shades of jade.