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Don't Waste Your Boredom

Boredom is the worst possible fate of 2018. It's a curse. It's anathema. It's better to be stupid than to be bored because being bored is stupid.

I am in the checkout line at Aldi's. What should I do? So many people. Nothing to do. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram have something for me. Maybe. Just one more shot of dopamine.

The kid is screaming in the back seat. Boredom is settling in like a mist and a cloud. Break the fog with a screen. A new, more insidious mist begins to seep into the brain.

A couple sits across from each other. Outside dining at it's most charming. Food-selfie time. Snap. They both look down. She has no idea of the color of his eyes. He's bored.

In 2018 you and I have too many options.

Many waste moments of solitude with arbitrary phone gazing or the continued binge of something entertaining. Whatever feels right. Whatever shuts down the brain. Whatever eliminates a moment of boredom. Whatever.

Here's my weekend tip. When you have the opportunity to be bored, be bored. When you have a few moments alone, be alone.

Don't waste your boredom. It's not as bad as you may think.