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Leaders Don't Set Speed Traps

Our little cluster of 3 or 4 cars came over the top of the hill. Nobody saw the speed trap waiting below.

I didn’t think any in our little convoy was going that fast. In fact, I would’ve said we were all at the speed limit. But one car, apparently, was not. At the bottom of the hill sat A group of police cars. One officer in the patrol car with a radar gun. The other standing in the median pointing to the poor Toyota Corolla in the left lane who had been caught.

Qualifier: I appreciate the fact that we have police and police officers who generally do a good job, keeping our roads and streets safe.

But leadership is not the same as policing.

When a leader thinks of her job as one of control, authority, and jurisdiction she's missing the point and the power of real leadership.

Influence with the power of your character, compassion, and example - not your ability to hide in the bushes and surprise working people with speeding tickets and yellow cards.

A corporate police state is never conducive to our best work and no one wants to work in a police state of any kind.