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This may not be the healthiest of default habits. 

Humans are mystifying and paradoxical creatures. We don't like boredom. It's the start of every children's adventure story ever written.

"Nothing exciting ever happens around here."

Yet, our brains seek routine. In fact, routine is the default for most of us. Track your time for a day or two, and you'll see the patterns. You and I essentially do the same thing every day. Most of us get out of sorts if that same-thing-schedule changes. We are creatures of habit. The problem being, some of our habits are not all that helpful. Some may be downright harmful.

Wake up. Lay in bed. Check the phone. Read and respond to overnight social media posts. Eventually get up and eat a donut. Make some coffee. Do more social media until there's nothing left to check, then try a little YouTube or scroll through Twitter or Reddit. Rush to get to work.

This is a terrible routine, but I fear a version of this is every morning for a lot of people in this digital age. By default.

If default is hurting you, change your default. Break your very bad routine and develop something new and helpful.

We are creatures of habit and routine. Soon enough, your new default is your new habit. Life is too short for default actions to be unhealthy and harmful.

Your default should be helping you thrive.