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A Passion For Model Trains?


Passion is the most ill-used word so far in the 21st century.

At least, it could be.

"Follow your passion."
"Do what you're passionate about."
"I'm working on a passion project."
"She has a passion about her."
"He's passionate about ...."

The modern definition of passion has to do with a strong feeling of love and enthusiasm for a person or an activity.

But that's weak.

I like the archaic definition:
Your object of passion is something you're willing to suffer for.

So, don't say you're passionate about model trains unless you're willing to sacrifice and suffer for the sake of model trains.

I don't know many who would do that.

Yes, indeed. Follow your passion.

Follow, knowing that sacrifice and suffering is par for the journey and don't gripe when it happens. Embrace it.