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There Is No "Easy Button"

There is one rule for anything that's worth doing.

And it doesn't matter what it is.

Write a book.
Start a business.
Train a dog.
Raise money for a non-profit.
Raise a child.
Have a fulfilling marriage.
Learn to code.
Fly to Mars.
Take great photographs.
Loose weight.
Finish medical school.
Build good habits.
Break bad habits.
Change the world.

From woodworking to blogging to writing your doctoral thesis to starting a non-profit, there's a common theme. A common rule. A thing you can't avoid. A certain thing you can't skip.

Do your thing. By all means. But know this:

There is no "Easy Button".

That's a lie and a myth.

The sun has set on "lifehacking". Those days are over. Gone. Faded into past like an old meme. If someone tries to tell you there's a hack or an "easy button," they're marketing their product (or trying to sell you office supplies). And while that product, that e-course, that book, that webinar, that "top secret to your success" PDF may be valuable - it's not going to replace work. Or discipline. Your work. Your disciple. Your passion.


Yup. Passion. Even after what I said yesterday.

But passion not in the way we define it today. It's not about wild abandon and unfettered enthusiasm. That won't get you very far.

I mean passion from the old and ancient definition related to suffering and sacrifice.

You have to be willing to suffer and sacrifice for this thing you want. It's never easy. There's no button to push for getting around passion. Because if something is actually worth suffering and sacrificing for, it's important enough to spend the precious little time we have in this life working toward.

And sometimes that's as simple as butt in the chair. Do the work.

Every day.