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Your Irrecoverable Resource

Americans don’t seem to treat time with the same respect and value that they treat money. If a team is wasting money, there are all kinds of red flags. Performance Indicators. Internal audits. Fiscal reporting.

No one will lose money for long without some serious repercussions.

If someone is tapping my bank account for $100 a month for no good reason (or for a gym membership I don’t use, obsolete software, or an expired magazine subscription), I take the time to make sure that stops. I’ve watched people take thirty minutes to argue about saving $3 because “the sign says it’s on sale”. Escalate this situation to a manager. My bank account is at stake - and we love our bank accounts. Many treat money as if it’s a non-renewable resource.

It’s not. Money is completely renewable. Sure, it’s easier for some than others. But it’s just money. If you have the resources to read this blog, you can get more.

We don’t think about our time in the same way.

Every minute spent is a minute we don’t get back. Ever.

Yet, unnecessary, recurring meetings and phone dawdling are precious minutes that might have been better used.

Americans spend over 10 hours a day in front of a screen, on average.

Sure. Some of that is work. Some are legitimate recreation. But how much is simply waste? Irrecoverable minutes, hours, and days.

A regular time audit is just as important as a regular financial audit.
Maybe even more important.

You’ll know when you’re out of money. Eventually. The check bounces. The debit transaction is denied. The credit cards are maxed. It won’t be a secret. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

You never know when you’re out of time.