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Because We are Finite

The earth spins around the sun, and we’re limited to these 24-hour celestial roundabouts. We don’t somehow get more hours or days. We don’t even get additional years, really. We’re constrained by time.

That’s that.

Time travel is not currently possible, and probably never will be outside of Dr. Whoesque fictional worlds.

You can’t squeeze more hours out of a day. You can’t “find” time (it’s already there). You can’t “make” time (it’s already there). But you can structure the time you have around the things you actually want to pay attention to.

That’s worth taking some time to think about. (And I do think time can be “taken”.)

You can’t actually pay attention to more than one thing at any given moment. So choose well.

You make the choice of yes or no - or you have that decision made for you by default, with questions and regrets at the end of your days. No one will be remembered for checking email well or being “social media savvy”.

Everyone has the same 24-hours.
The agency is yours.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
— Annie Dillard