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Artists and leaders follow similar paths.

It stands to reason that they have the same excuses. Especially in the beginning.

But, we now live in an age where excuses don’t hold up very well to any sort of scrutiny.

There was a day (not all that long ago) when kids couldn’t call Mom to tell her they’d be late because they didn’t have a quarter.

Someone could be late for work and say there was a power outage overnight and she woke up with the clocks flashing 12:00.

Technology has taken a lot of our old excuses out of the realm of possibility. Or at least reasonablity.

But we still find them, don’t we?

Most people spend their lives as consumers. They watch YouTube videos, read blogs, or look at astounding photography. It’s great that it’s possible to do that.

Few create.

And everyone has the opportunity to create. Ubiquitous technology gives us the tools and takes away the excuses. I don’t have the tools. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the skills.

Yes, you do.

Leadership is similar.

You might say “I’m not a leader. I don’t have a leadership position.”

I say, “Yes, you do.”

Leadership is not a position. It’s more like art. A practice and a craft. A habit. Do the things that leaders do. Do the things creators do.

No excuses.

You can and will make a difference.