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You Should Sign Up For "Three On Thursday"

Okay. We’re going to try this again, dear reader.

Some housekeeping.

You may not be aware of this - but at the bottom of every post on this blog is the option to be on my mailing list. A few of you have signed up already and probably wondered why.

I did start sending a random newsletter-y email earlier last year, but I wasn’t overly happy with it.

Who needs another “newsletter-y email”?

I don’t.
Nor does anyone I know.

So I stopped. If I’m going to put something in your inbox, I want to send you the most value in the shortest amount of time and space.

Because that’s what I would want.

Beginning tomorrow (which is Thursday in America) an email called “Three On Thursday” will begin to land in inboxes. Three On Thursday is three things I’m loving right now that you might love, too. Could be a book, an app, a productivity tip, or a show streaming into my living room.

Whatever it is, it will be something to help you develop your potential as a creative leader.

It’ll be exclusive, simple, bulleted, and you’ll be able to read and act on the content in less than three minutes.

I have three interesting book recommendations in the first edition set to land in your inbox tomorrow.

But, only if you sign up today, which I hope you will. I think you’ll like this.

Just fill out the form below.

It's that simple.

For those who have and will sign up - thank you. I do appreciate it.