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Fill The Void

There’s a leadership vacuum in the US. That’s obvious from all that’s happened in the maddening fury that is the current state of US politics.

And it’s a serious situation all over the world.

A person who is known for their lack of character and truth-telling can be elected to or appointed to or steal any office of power. The people must often choose the “lesser of two evils”. But we seldom see real leadership. The chasm is great. The void is real.

And we’re witnessing the reality of the vacuum live on CSPAN.

In American politics, the vacuum is on both sides of the aisle. At every level of our government. The levels of hypocrisy are astounding.

We need leaders. More than ever.

  • Not leaders with positions of control. But leaders who actually have self-control.

  • Not leaders who horde power. But leaders who empower.

  • Not leaders who hold positions of authority. But leaders who can authoritatively deal with their own darkness.

  • Not leaders who think they are too smart for everyone else around them. But leaders who are emotionally and spiritually intelligent.

  • Not leaders who glory in their own self-important. But leaders who consider those who follow them as more important than themselves - and are willing to even sacrifice for their benefit and good.

  • Not leaders who need to be at the front of the line. But leaders who are good to eat last.

  • Not leaders with large and fragile egos. But leaders who are courageously selfless and generous.

  • Not leaders who can talk the talk. But leaders who can walk the walk and know when to shut up.

Real leaders. Actual leaders.

Leaders who can lead from the front or from the back, with or without a position. Someone the rest of us

Because, at the end of the day, leaders lead.
We have so many bad examples and so few good examples of leadership. The vacuum is real. The vacuum is global.

Maybe you should consider filling the void?

I’m not suggesting you get into politics (although it would be nice if somebody with integrity and leadership skills did).

But learn to lead. Develop yourself as a leader. Find someone who will mentor you as a leader.

Fill the void.