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Leadership Potential: The Required Mindset

A person who attempts to lead with a fixed mindset will inevitably end up stuck in one of two attitudes - arrogantly brash or hopelessly helpless.

If you believe leadership is something we either have or don’t have, that’s the only logical conclusion. People with apparent natural gifts will believe their own press. They will make assumptions about their ability, failing to learn important lessons along the way.

The people who assume they could never do it because they don’t have the right raw materials most simply won’t. If you don’t believe that you can grow, change, and develop, you won’t believe it of the people around you.

Fixed mindset people have a difficult time leading anyone because most people refuse to be led by a cocky ego or hopeless self-effacement.

A growth mindset leader assumes that not only can I change, but we can all learn and grow together. This person creates an environment that is forward thinking and full of grace to learn, make mistakes, and try again.

It’s not just an ideal mindset for leadership. It’s required.

So when thinking about the potential for development, a growth mindset is critical.

Mindset can change from fixed to growth.

But potential is limited until it does.