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Leadership Potential: Two Leaders by Two Seas

I know two leaders on the shores of two similar, yet very different oceans.

One is facing a sea of challenge. It could be (should be) flat out overwhelming. It overwhelms me just to think about it, let alone swim in those treacherous waters. But leaders embrace challenge.

Another is looking at a sea of opportunity. There are challenges, yes. But there are astounding opportunities here that could be life-changing for many individuals, and potentially entire communities.

Neither has backed away. Both are diving into challenge and opportunity, in spite of uncertainty and prodigious risk.

Even though I talk a lot about “leading from the back”, rather than leading from perceived power, position, and authority, there’s one important thing to remember:

Leadership is never about passivity.

Care, initiative, and forward thinking are always required.

Potential leaders reveal themselves when they show a willingness to walk up to the edge of either a sea of challenge or a sea of opportunity and wade in. Initiative, courage and a willingness to risk are indicators of leadership potential.

Because initiative, courage, and a willingness to risk show that someone is beginning to practice outsight. They are looking beyond themselves to opportunities and challenges that might make a difference. They are solving problems and finding potential beyond themselves.

Self-oriented leaders are not actually leading.

When a person begins to see beyond themselves, the potential for development and growth is exponential.