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Ideation Tools

Idea connection happens in two ways (at least for me).

1. With analog tools.

Pen and paper work better than a computer screen. I am not aware of any science behind this. My brain just works better that way. Sure, I have terrible handwriting and am not that great at drawing. But that’s not so important. The flow of ideas is important.

2. Through conversations with real people.

Honestly, it’s much easier to sit in my office and drink coffee alone than it is to make appointments and have coffee with someone else. But, as I spend time with people, asking questions, probing for ideas - I’m finding that connections happen.

Great ideas don’t happen while I’m alone in front of a screen.

Great ideas crystalize when having real conversations while holding a pen and paper.

Digital tools are great for execution, though.

Because ideas are not meant to remain “in theory.”

They are meant for realization.