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Idea Curation

An idea is not the same as a concept.

A concept floats in the atmosphere like a mist. It’s being shaped by wind and pressure, but without intention. It’s never been captured. It’s never been codified. It’s conceptual.

An idea is an intentional process of moving from mush to concrete. It’s something that has the potential to be actionable.

Every idea (that's not a concept) will be in one of three stages.

1. Capture.

It’s been recorded. Usually, this means written down. Recorded somehow. Ideas unwritten stay in concept stage forever. What was that thing I thought about the other day when I was doing that thing? That’s not an idea. It's a concepts. Keep a notebook. Or a voice recorder. Or a napkin. Record your thoughts. Make your concept an idea. Not everything will make it to the next stage. But you won’t know unless concepts are captured and become ideas.

2. Develop

No idea is polished and finalized, out-of-the-box of your brain. Ideas need chewing. Processing an idea will sometimes mean addition. Most of the time it will mean subtraction. Sometimes both clarification and simplifying complexity. Ideas take time to develop. Intentional development over time will make the thing that started as a germ of an idea into something that makes a difference.

3. Execute

An idea is developed when it becomes actionable. Make a plan. Do the thing. It’s easy to get stifled here. Fear and hesitancy to commit is real.

Ready? Aim. Aim. Aim. Aim. Aim
Fire already.

Where is the idea you’re curating in this process?
Are you executing?
Are you developing?
Or is your idea still a concept fluttering in and out of the netherworld of your consciousness?

Start simple.

Write it down.