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Marketing Equals Change

In his most recent book, “This is Marketing,” Seth Godin turns the word “Marketing” on its head.

Marketing is historically about agencies and websites and branding; packaging and sales funnels and advertising campaigns.

We put marketing in the same slimy categories as that guy yelling at you during the evening news about buying a new car, and lawyers on billboards saying to call them if you’ve been injured. Or have seen someone injured. Or thought about getting injured.

That’s not marketing. Because marketing is not cheap and sleazy ads or the underhanded building of a social media following.

Seth both simplifies and deepens the word.

Marketing is engaging the culture by answering this question:

What is the change you are seeking to make?

Now, how will I engage the group of people (which can be smaller than you think) who also want to make that change?

The book is obviously more nuanced than this. It’s 252 pages well worth reading, even if you don’t consider yourself a “marketer”.

The fact is, if you’re seeking change in this world, you probably are.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.