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Blooming Coffee (and things we should measure)

A fresh pour-over coffee takes 30 seconds to properly bloom.

I work out 30 minutes at a time.

I work in 50-minute focus blocks throughout the day (one thing with no distractions.)

And I use a timer to time each of these items because the human brain is not a great judge of time.

This is why things always take longer than we think. People consistently over-promise on time. You told your spouse that project would be finished in 30 minutes and that you’d be home within the hour. Three hours later …

The bathroom renovation that was supposed take a week drags on for a month. The car repair was supposed to take an hour and it blows your entire day. (In the case of my mechanic - often much longer than that. He’s a great mechanic. He’s the worst kind of judge of time.)

Sometimes we trust our brains for the wrong things. The human brain is a fantastic judge of character and has an uncanny ability to connect the dots between two disparate points.

But it’s terrible at measuring a 30-second coffee bloom.

Use the proper tool for that.