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Determining Potential


What is the Potential?

The stars come out clear and unpolluted, while we have this very conversation with some friends who are seeking to empower a  marginalized people group in a remote area in the Philippines.

As I reflect on this meaningful and beautiful conversation with a clear and less jet-lagged brain this morning, this question incites more questions.

What is the potential?

If all friction is removed, what could be?

What would this look like if it were easy? (Tim Ferris is credited for this. I am certain there are others who asked this question before he did.)

Why are we doing this?

What do we ultimately want to accomplish here? (What is the change we seek to make?)

How can we ultimately reframe this entire situation?

Answers to these 5 questions will bring us significantly closer to answering the big potential question. Answers to these questions will get you started in making real change in this world.

I am hopeful for a marginalized people group in the Philippines because someone is asking (and answering) these questions on their behalf.

What is the change you seek to make in the world?

What is the potential?