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A Mission and Vision Statement On A Wall


Vision and mission “statements” are organizational cliches.



Useless memes.

I’m currently staying at a “beachside resort” somewhere in the Philippines. It would not come close to fitting the “resort” bill by most American standards.  It’s a concrete room with a window air unit that hasn’t had a filter change since the Obama administration.  The toilet is flushed by scooping water from a bucket. We’re awakened every morning by roosters and feral cats. There’s a gecko sharing the room with us.

And yet, even here, there is a vision and mission statement on the wall.**

Mission and vision statements are usually vague, general platitudes filled with proprietary buzzwords. If that’s all they are, wordsmithing phrases to go on the wall is unhelpful and time-wastng.

That said, every organization and every individual should have a mission and a vision.

Because every organization and every individual should be able to answer these two core questions about their purpose.

What is the change I (we) wish to make in the world? (Mission)

What are the things I (we) should be doing in order to make that change? (Vision)

Answer those questions for yourself and/or your organization and you’re on your way to having a mission and vision statement that will guide every decision you will need to make.

Whether you make a poster and put it on the wall or not — that’s completely up to you.


**  The folks who run this place are the kindest and most hospitable people you will ever meet. If you’re ever near Boracay and don’t want to stay with the tourists and their trappings, the next island over is basic, beautiful, and charming — and the people here are the best.