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  • Number of burgers sold.
  • Amount of money collected.
  • PNL spreadsheets.
  • Number of program implementations.

These are measurable outcomes that drive most organizations, including yours. And the organization that is your family.

Most people insist on knowing what’s in their bank accounts.

The issue is that there are also things we value that can’t be measured.

  • Love.
  • Integrity.
  • Friendship.
  • Faith.

It’s possible to count friends on Facebook. 

It’s impossible to measure the value friendship has in life.

You can (and should) do what I suggested yesterday and measure your time. Count your days. Your hours. Even your minutes.  They are limited.

But there’s a bigger, immeasurable reason for doing this.

We are here for a purpose.  When you understand why you’ve been placed on this planet, things change. Meaning drives us. Measuring takes on a wider, deeper meaning.

So have a long-term strategy. Create a culture.

This isn’t something that happens on a spreadsheet. (Although you will surely have spreadsheets.) This is what happens when you determine what values you’ll live out over your days, months, and years on this planet.

Your values. Your culture.

Creating a culture — your culture — is an immeasurable value you make over the long haul.