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Core Values and Culture-Creation


You make a huge life-decision.

You respond to an annoyance.

You choose a restaurant.

Why do you make these choices?

There is more nuance here than what you might think.

Values are at play.  You are where you are today because of the things you choose to value. For some, this may be because of conscious choices.  For others, it may seem like random happenstance. But trace the imprint of your life, and you’ll find it to be so.

Values — realized or unrealized — have been a key determining factor in my circumstances.

So, the first step to understanding my values is to take responsibility for the life I’ve created.

Then, determine your values.

Finally, align your values with the choices and promises you make to yourself and to others.

How to determine your core values:

Write the answers to these questions:

  1. What determines how I spend my time?
  2. What determines how I spend my money?
  3. What determines who I spend time with?

Cull your answers to 5-7 keywords.

Use these words to make a promise statement to yourself, your, family and friends, your team, and your clients.

You have values. Know them.

Use them to make choices that reflect who you are and what you treasure most.

This is the beginning of culture creation.