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Leadership is such a nuanced topic.

Do you have a position?

Do you have influence?

Do you have drive?

Are you in it to win it?

Do people follow you?

Respect you?

Do they do what you say (and what you do)?

The idea of leadership begins with you. It has to. 

My friend and colleague has a fantastic quote in his email signature right now:

Decide that you are 100 percent responsible for what happens in your life and everyone else is 0 percent responsible. - Michael McKinney

This is the first step. Leadership does begin with how you lead yourself.  Self-discipline is self-influence. Self-leadership and self-control are links like knotted fishing lines.

How do you use your time?

How do you steward your finances?

How do you caretake your body?

How do you manage your attention and energy?

This is where leadership begins.

If you can’t do these things without a title you will have very little influence with a title.

It’s your agency.

It’s completely up to you. 

You are a leader.

Lead yourself.