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Pie is Not Salad (and Committees are Not Teams)

Let’s start calling pie “a salad”.
Or a snake “a puppy”,
Or a committee “a team”.

You can’t do that. But it’s weird to me that we try it all the time. A name change doesn’t equal function change.

Teamwork is not the same as committee-work.

A committee is a “commission”. A subordinate, representative body whose goal is to accomplish work given to them by those over them. They are a part of a deliberative assembly.

Calling this “a team” is calling pie “a salad”. It’s not the same thing.

A team is a group of people who unite their talent and skills for a common goal and purpose.

The women who are currently playing in the World Cup soccer tournament are each a part of a team.

The suits who sit around a conference table and whiteboard problems given to them by their superiors are a committee.

There’s a huge difference.