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A Baseball to the Skull

Teams are specific.

They are a group of people with a specific mix of skills who work together to perform a specific task or accomplish a specific goal.

Specificity is everything.

The women currently playing in the World Cup have a specific set of skills to play a specific game. If the powers-that-be decided to change World Cup rules to Major League Baseball rules, there would be significant issues.

Sure. Each of those ladies are athletes. They could most likely become proficient at any sport. Maybe world-class.

But the ability to accurately place a ball with the top of your head is useless in a baseball game.

In fact, it’s flat out dangerous.

Teams are different because the rules are different.
The players are different.
The goals are different.
The required skills are different.
Culture is different.

The wrong people with the wrong skills on the wrong team is frustration, at best.

At worst, it’s a baseball to the skull.