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There’s More To A Widget Than A Widget

People who assume they’re merely selling a product or a service don’t understand value proposition.

There’s always more to a widget than a widget.

Your product is a vision. An experience. It’s something that should make a difference in this world. It will make your customer’s life better in surprising and unexpected ways.

In ways that add value and are valuable.

This requires the hard work of thought, care, and empathy with your customer. It means you must test and innovate to see if you’re offering is valuable enough for a business model. It means differentiation. And differentiation means you have to care.

Don’t ask, “How cheaply can I do this thing?”

Ask, “How can I build this thing in a way that delights?”

Because if the only value proposition you can define is “cheaper, better, faster,” I’m suspicious you’re not thinking (working) hard enough.