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Human nature is like air.

We fill up the space in which we’re contained.

This is why no matter what size your house, you manage to fill it up.
We fill up our hard drive space.
We fill up the garage.
We fill up our lives — with activities and projects and people.
We fill up our time.

The best way to control this is limitations.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about cameras and camera gear. She said something about a particular camera that was limited as to which lenses could go on the thing. I told her I’m okay with that.

Limitation breeds creativity.

If I'm limited to only a 35mm prime lens, I have to move. I have to think. I have to work creatively to get the shot I want.

The same is true with productivity. Next time you have a project you’re stuck on, put it in a container. Create a deadline. Not a long, drawn-out deadline. Make it tight.

The limitation will force you to focus on the problem, find the solution, and finish the work.

When you’re stuck you often don’t need more time.

You may need less.