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Extroversion Not Required

There is an assumption that equates leadership and verbalization. The leader who thrives on barking orders to those he commands like a dog trainer or a drill sergeant.

Or the kind of leaders who assume eloquent mansplaining and motivating speeches to the masses (or the three in the room) is what brings about leadership greatness.

Leadership by talking a lot is not nearly as effective as some may have previously believed.

A leader does not have to be long-winded. Extroversion is not required.


Those who lead best listen most. I’m personally suspicious of an environment when leaders talk more than they listen. Stop trying to get the last word. Stop trying to be the verbal fixer. Stop formulating your answers before hearing the question. Listening is a lost art long overdue for a renaissance.


It’s possible to lead with the written word. Use your words. Verbalize them when essential. Writing is an essential leadership tool that is both internal and external. Keep a journal for internal processing and “thinking out loud”. Practice excellent written communication to clients, staff, and team members. The written word tends to be more thoughtful and less spontaneous, which often (but not always) equates to more effective and meaningful.

Influence Through Example

This should be understood. But it’s not. We most maximize influence for the greatest good of community and culture by doing the work. Not by talking about the work. So talk less and do more.

Talk less and lead better.