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Getting a Jump on the Learning Curve

Optimism has always been my default mode. This is why the idea of working from strength, rather than weakness is my preferred MO.

Strengthening weaknesses, while noble, is a near hopeless endeavor.

Okay. Point taken.

You have to get weaknesses up to a certain watermark. Someone who is terrible at discipline should learn discipline enough to keep a kitchen clean and not be a hoarder. Or not run a bank account into the red. But if discipline is not how you’re wired, learn enough about order to live a normal life. But don’t seek to be the best in the world at order-keeping.

It’s possible to be world-class when you operate in an area you’re already strong in.

Sure, there’s still work involved. A lot of work. Operating from strength is not the same as depending on natural ability. You still have to develop your strengths. But concentrate on developing your strength rather than shoring up your weaknesses. It’s a much more powerful position.

There’s always work involved (and that work involves some discipline, even if that’s at the bottom of your strengths list).

But when you operate in your strengths, your starting point is different. You’re already higher up on the learning curve.

(I am a fan of Strengthsfinders and use this in my coaching and consulting. Find out your strengths and let me know your top 5. It’s worth every dime.)