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Data Overload or Opinion Overload?

Technology has made information a primary currency of our day.
Data is king.
There are companies racing to gather the data needed to implement AI technologies in ways that will astound most of us.

And data is available in abundance. Everything you share on social media and with your local grocery store is suspect. Amazon and Google, Walmart and Kroger are all in the data collection business. The data is more valuable than the dollars we spend (or don’t spend) because that data will help those companies with precision. Precision means efficiency and efficiency will ultimately mean more dollars.

There are varying opinions about this technology and its accompanying practices — from apocalyptic to apathetic.

Technology has made for an abundance of information.

And, while I do think often about the implications of this reality, there is another reality I am actually more concerned about.

Technology has also made for an abundance of opinions.

And I’m suspicious that opinion overload is having a greater cultural impact than information overload.

Too many opinions are also affecting your personal productivity, and potentially the overall direction of your life.

Information is there regardless.

Opinions tell us where we should focus.

The only opinion about focus that matters is yours.