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Value and Social Media (More Questions Than Answers)

I don’t know how to use social media anymore.
I don’t even know if I want to use social media anymore.

This is one of the results of my month break from all social media.

There’s value (potentially).

In some cases, there’s a lot of (potential) value.
1000 true fans.
Building the mailing list.
Social media is how to do this. There are entire companies built on the value social media provides.

So, call me a curmudgeon. But is there enough value to invest?

Mental space and time are two of the most valuable assets I possess. Is investing mental space and time in social media worth the return? Like any investment, that’s the risk.

I’ve posted very little on any social media platform since coming off my declutter (pretty much these blog posts) because I don’t know what kind of content to post anymore. Business tips? Writerly wisdom?Leadership things?

It all sometimes seems to add to the noise. I don’t want to be one of the loud ones.

But I do want to be heard.
So what does one do?

Is there enough value?

Is the social media return on investment really worth it? Will I find clients, readers, subscribers this way? Will I serve clients, readers, or subscribers this way? Or is there a better way? Is there a better use of my time and mental space that will get better yield?

There is a tension between creation and promotion.

It's possible to create fantastic content that nobody reads (or a service nobody knows about, or a product no one has heard of). You can also promote an inferior product nobody wants. There is a reason we still get spam and Internet searches that lead to useless, ad-filled content mill sites (with perfectly refined SEO).

Make well.
That’s obvious and clear.

I’m still trying to figure out the promotion part.