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How To Relieve Mid-Year Stress and Anxiety

I’m a week late filling in my Q3 2019 day planner.

True confession:

I’m also feeling a little anxiety in this exercise this month. 2019 is over halfway finished.

Time for a check-up.

Where am I on my goals for 2019?

More true confessions:

Not as far as I would like to be.

Here’s how I'll relieve the anxiety this dissonance has caused. (And a process I suggest to you, as well.)

1. Review and Recalibrate Goals

Are they still relevant? Are they still realistic? Is this a thing that I want to/have to/must accomplish this year?
If not, diversify your goal.
Delete your goal.
Or defer your goal.

2. Set Merciless Deadlines

The only way (for me) to get a thing finished is to set a deadline. The only way to set a deadline is to write it down on a calendar. The only way to meet the deadline to be as merciless with yourself as your Middle School literature teach was with your book reports. It’s due, so you do or die.

3. Make a Work Plan that Works Backwards

Start with your deadline and work to the present with every single step that must happen to get the thing (your goal) finished. This takes a little thought work. But I promise you that nothing will clarify your thinking more efficiently.


(Butt in the chair. Do the work.)