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Work is Gas

No, not that kind of gas.
It fills up the available space.

If I gave myself all day to write this blog post, it would take me all day.
If I give myself 20 minutes (the timer is running), I'm finished when the timer sounds.

One of the best ways to take control of your time is to use a calendar and timer.

Block off some “warm-up” time.
(For me that’s doing some reading and writing this post.)

Block off time for tasks that require you to be at your best, most energetic self.
(Client work. Writing. Coaching. Consulting.)

Block off some rejuvenating time.
(If you’re an extrovert, grab coffee with friends. If you’re an introvert, take a hike in the mountains. Spend time with a loved one. Read a book. Watch some Netflix.)

Your day will not have vacuums. Every minute gets filled with something.

If you don’t decide, it will be decided for you.

Work is gas.

It's up to you to contain it.