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The Pivot

I read a story about two aspiring rock stars.
They made better concert posters than they did records.
They are now at the top of the graphic design field in New York.

I recently had a conversation with a lady who moved from peddling makeup and skin cleanser for an MLM company into the local fashion industry.

There are stories of people going from lawyer to writer and from writer to non-profit executive.

The career pivot is nothing new and is becoming more common than ever.

Statistics vary. But most people entering the workforce today will change jobs 15 times (on average) and will change careers anywhere from 4 to 7 times.

The reasons for the pivot are manifold.

Better pay.
Better benefits.
Better boss.
Better schedule.
Better work.

While these are not “bad” reasons to pivot, it’s important to remember that this is dollars for donuts. You can (and should) have a higher purpose.

Sometimes the pivot is not by choice. Lay-offs and health issues, family and life-change can make the pivot necessary, even if unwanted.

Whatever the reason, there is a high probability you have or you will pivot.

There are two questions I’ve asked myself during my own personal pivoting. If you are in the pivot process, I encourage you to ask them, as well.

1. What strengths (cumulative of skill, talent, and experience) do I offer?

2. What do I want to change?

Your answers to these two questions can change everything.