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The Others-Aware Leader

Self-awareness is the starting point, not the finishing point. 

Leadership is oriented toward others by its very nature. Yes, we must begin with self-leadership. Self-awareness. Self-assessment. 

But if your development doesn’t benefit someone else, what’s the point? 

You are disciplined — and that’s fantastic. Congratulations. 

But you are not leading. Because while leadership does begin with leading yourself, it can not end there. 

The others-aware leader is the leader who has moved beyond self-awareness. She has made steps into the wild frontier of serving, helping, empowering, motivating, encouraging, and influencing others. 

There’s more to my life than me. 

There’s more to your life than you. 

Be aware of the power and the potential in the people around you while you also investing in your own self-development. 

Keen self-awareness coupled with selfless other-awareness makes you the multi-faceted leader people want to follow.