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Snake Oil and Magazine Articles


Sales and selling have never been my thing. At least not my favorite thing. 

But sometimes it becomes necessary to learn about the thing you dislike because sometimes you have to do the thing you dislike. 

Some people have to sell specific physical products. Knitted scarves. Handmade knives. Craft soft-drinks. 

There are ways and methods for this. Others have to sell themselves. Their creativity or their intellectual property. Their coaching program or online course. Their consulting services or ideas for a magazine article. 

This is a very different value proposition (or, at least, it can be). 

I don’t know which is actually harder, because I’ve never sold knives or scarves or soft-drinks. 

But I have had to try and sell myself or something I think about. I can’t say I’m the world’s greatest at this. I can’t say I’m extraordinarily successful. 

What I can say is there is a starting point. 

Begin by doing. 

Coach, write, create, speak, consult, throw your idea out there. 

See what resonates with and helps people. 


And do it again

That’s what eventually sells. 

And you don’t have to be a crafty seller of snake-oil to make that happen.