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Sunday Sermonizing: A Little Sunday Silence


The morning rush. 

Eyes open. Head on the pillow. Reach for the phone. Scroll.  

Check Facebook. Check email. Check Instagram. Check weather. Check Twitter. Check Facebook again. Checking. It’s 45 minutes later. It’s what we do and our heads are not off the pillow. We are never alone. 

Most finally get a coffee. A shower. A toothbrush. Good morning from a spouse or children or roommates or the morning show host. More coffee. 

Time to run. No not to go for a run because there’s no time for that now. That morning commute won’t drive itself. The radio will keep you company.

Just never be alone.

We spend so much time with everyone else in our head, that we don’t get our own brains to ourselves.  We’ve allowed people we don’t even know access to our minds like so many houseguests who seemed like a good idea at the beginning. But now they have too many house parties, don’t clean the refrigerator, and leave the front door open for more voices — and stray cats and dogs to boot. 

That’s our social media driven society at its core. Beware who and what you let into your brain. 

Here’s what you and I actually need. 

We need some time to live in our own heads. 

To take inventory of our thoughts. 

To take emotional stock.  

To let our minds wander. 

To think. 

To pray. 

To imagine.

To daydream.

To be silent. 

If that scares you, great. All the more reason to make this real. 

Learn a little silence on this Sunday.  

It’s good for the brain, emotions, and soul.  

Put down the phone. Get away from the monitor and spend some time with our own thoughts. 

What you find may surprise you. 

Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.
— Susan Cain