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#3 Make Better Content

Showing up. 

That’s the beginning. 

Some people, many people — maybe most people — never get that far. 

Once you start showing up, work to make better content. 

Words are my medium of choice. 

But you could use words, or images, or video, or paints, or spreadsheets. 

  • Start a blog. 

  • Start a podcast. 

  • Start a YouTube channel. 

  • Start an intentional Instagram. 

  • Be your unique self.   

You don’t have to follow the rules. You don’t have to use platforms in the intended fashion.  Break the rules.

A lot of people show up one time — often the first time — and make something they hate. They never show up again.  

  • “I’m a bad writer.”

  • “I can’t draw.”

  • “I suck at taking pictures.”

I think this is sad. Skill takes time to develop. It takes time to find your voice. It takes time to figure out what will work. (I’m still figuring these things out, and I’ve been showing up for 2-years now.)

In an age where content is king, make better content. 

That doesn’t mean every piece of content you make will be Van Goghesque art.   

  • Sometimes a blog post will flop. 

  • Sometimes a video will be flat. 

  • Sometimes a photo will be off.  

That’s okay. 

Show up again tomorrow.  

And make better content.  


Make. Publish. Rinse. Repeat. 

Start today.  

There are 117 days left in 2019.  What will you make?