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#4 Sleep

What would happen if you got 8 hours of sleep every night for the last 116 days of 2019? 

I can tell you. 

  1. You will feel less stressed. 

  2. You will be more creative. 

  3. Your cognitive problem-solving skills will increase. 

  4. You might lose weight. 

Sleep is a positive investment, but far too many treat it as the first expense we cast aside. So stop casting it aside.    


You can’t “sleep when you die”.  

Because you’ll be dead. 

Sleep now and you’ll live longer. 

There is research showing that sleeping too much could also shorten your life, but for most people who are not college students on Summer break, this is is not the problem. 6-8 hours of sleep every night is essential for health. 

Sleep will enhance your ability to explore, make connections, and do less but better throughout your waking hours.
— Greg McKeown (From “Essentialism)

Be more productive.  

Make better stuff.  

Get better sleep. 

There are now 116 days left. 

Be more productive by getting more sleep.